Webinar: Effective Interviewing of Adults Displaying Antisocial Personality Traits

Public defenders and defense investigators often interact with clients, witnesses, victims, and/or suspects displaying so-called antisocial behavior.  These antisocial traits can limit interview results and can significantly reduce the exchange and validation of case relevant information.  Subsequently, public defenders may conclude that it is close to impossible to effectively prepare such client for trial or litigation – or to obtain ethically, morally, and lawfully sound interview results from other case participants.

This two-hour presentation is designed to assist public defenders, defense investigators, and mitigation specialists with understanding the construct of adult antisocial behavior from different approaches and theories during interviews.  This foundation is then placed in context with features of antisocial behavior, such as the lack of emotional response or the inability to conform to social norms.  The concepts of interrogative suggestibility, fearlessness and boldness, impulsivity, empathy, co-occurring disorders, and persuasion are integrated into this webinar; followed by deceitfulness, rationalization, and self-harm as key factors of antisocial behavior.

The goal of this webinar is to increase knowledge, sensibility, and awareness of this behavioral impairment, and to equip the public defender community with additional tools and strategies to effectively interact with this specific population.

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