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Webinar: Effective Interviewing of Adults Displaying Antisocial Personality Traits – June 17 at 2:00 PM

This webinar is the second part of the series “Effective Interviewing of Adults Displaying Antisocial Personality Traits”. It builds on the first webinar which focused on the theories of adult antisocial behavior and how these diagnostic features come into play during interviewing of clients, witnesses, suspects, and other case participants. This foundation is now placed in context with practical approaches, such as strategies to effectively prepare an interview with this specific population, identification of and responses to antisocial traits, the interview setting itself, and useful strategies to conduct an ethically, morally, and lawfully sound interview. The Closed-Social-Interaction Theory, the Neutralization and the Social Control Theories, the LIARS Concept, and the conceptual framework for interviewing with this homogeneous clientele is discussed. The goal of this webinar is to increase knowledge, sensibility, and awareness of this behavioral impairment, and to equip the public defender community with additional tools and strategies to effectively interact with this specific population.

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