Join the National Association for Public Defense for its next Social Work Meet Up where Dr. Sharon Jones-Eversley will be our guest lecturer and will discuss “Unlikely Allies in Research: Ways to Use Research in Public Health to Tell Our Clients’ Stories.” We will end the hour together discussing the implications of the death of George Floyd and the movement building taking place in Public Defender Offices around the country.

Through advocacy and research, Dr. Jones-Eversley seeks to better understand intergenerational disease distribution and the continuum of disease-related orbidities that adversely impact high-risk families and communities. She explores the relevance of customized hereditary health education, health promotion, health literacy, and tailored genetic, genomic and general health information dissemination among individuals and families of African descent. She studies the translational efficacy of hereditary health as an intervention tool. Her studies examine family gatherings (e.g. reunions) as integrated settings to inform, engage, educate, and train families in customized health-related activities directly related to common diseases in their family lineage.

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