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Parents Who Suffered Severe Trauma Throughout Childhood More Likely to Have Behavioral Problems with Children - The Tech Times

A new study suggests that parents who suffered traumatic experiences throughout their childhood have a higher risk of mental health and behavioral problems later in life. The study also found that these problems can also affect their children. Read…
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How a Teacher’s ‘Junk Science’ Landed a Dad in Jail on Charge of Raping his Autistic Son - The Miami Herald

In this piece, The Miami Herald chronicles that wrongful arrest of Jose Cordero in Miami. Accusations of sexual abuse arose from "hand over hand" communication, which is considered junk science by many. Read more.
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Advocates Say Cyntoia Brown's Case is Part of the 'Sexual Abuse-to-Prison' Pipeline - NPR

The case of Cyntoia Brown is back in the news as numerous celebrities demand justice. Brown, a human-trafficking victim, was convicted of murdering a man who she claims she believed was going to harm her. Brown was ultimately sentenced to life…
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Sinister Web - The Shreveport Times

This five-part program by The Shreveport Times investigates how child pornography has changed in the Digital Age. Read more. Chapter 1 centers on how the Internet and other types of digital technology have affected the manufacture and…
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Does the Death Penalty Target People who are Mentally Ill? - The Washington Post

This week, The Washington Post published Dr. Frank R. Baumgartner and Betsy Neill's analysis on the use of the capital punishment on people with mental illness.  While the majority of Americas oppose the execution of people with mental illness,…