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North Dakota Prison Officials Think Outside The Box To Revamp Solitary Confinement – NPR

There are slightly more than 2 million people incarcerated in the United States — that's nearly equal to the entire population of Houston. Among those prisoners, thousands serve time in solitary confinement, isolated in small often windowless…
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Behind Bars, Mentally Ill Inmates Are Often Punished for Their Symptoms – NPR

By some accounts, nearly half of America's incarcerated population is mentally ill — and journalist Alisa Roth argues that most aren't getting the treatment they need. Read more.

‘My Genes Made Me Do It:’ Behavioral Genetic Evidence in Criminal Court – Phys.org

A new study found that genetic evidence utilized in courtrooms is not likely to be effective in persuading judges and juries that a defendant should be held less culpable for his or her criminal actions. Read more.