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Deadly Force Mindset as Justifiable Defense Questioned

The science of neurobiology and neuropsychology used to defend officers in shooting incidents has been described as arbitrary at best. Many experts contend there simply is not enough peer-reviewed material to substantiate it as an exculpatory…
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New Study Gives Broader Look into How Police Killings Affect Black Americans’ Mental Health – PBS NewsHour

Police killings of unarmed black Americans negatively affect the mental health of black adults in the states where the fatal incidents occur, according to a study published Thursday. Read more.
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How I Learned Not to Call 911 – The Village Voice

Joshunda Sanders of The Village Voice discusses how he learned how to avoid calling 911 for help with a mentally ill parent. Read more.
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How Mental-Health Training for Police Can Save Lives—and Taxpayer Dollars – The Atlantic

This article from The Atlantic discusses how mental health training for law enforcement has saved not only lives, but also taxpayer money. In particular, the author describes the mental health reform enacted in Miami-Dade County and the City…
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Intersection: Sheriff Chitwood on Training Deputies to be Guardians Not Warriors – WMFE

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is investigating the fatal shooting of a man by a Volusia County Sheriff's deputy at a gas station in Deltona last week. In this segment of Intersection, Volusia County Sheriff Michael J. Chitwood…
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Drugs and Alcohol Pervasive in San Bernardino County Police Shootings – KPCC

Over 70 percent of officer-involved shootings in San Bernardino County, California were under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, or illegal substances. Read more.
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North Miami Cop Charged in Shooting of Autistic Man’s Unarmed Therapist – The Miami Herald

A police officer is now facing criminal charges for shooting an autistic man's unarmed therapist last year in North Miami. A bystander recorded this incident on his cell phone and posted the video online, which brought criticism of law enforcement's…