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When Mental Health Crises Arise, Columbus Police Brings Social Workers Along

Social worker Kristin Moreland changes the car radio from a country station to one that plays Top 40 Hits. “He’ll probably change it back,” Moreland says, gesturing to Columbus Police officer Bob Heinzman. Read more and listen.
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Police Encounter Many People with Mental-Health Crises. Could Psychiatrists Help? – The Washington Post

Police departments have become a de facto arm of the American mental-health system. Research suggests that about 2 million people with serious mental illness are booked into jails in the United States each year. A 2016 review of studies estimated…
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How I Learned Not to Call 911 – The Village Voice

Joshunda Sanders of The Village Voice discusses how he learned how to avoid calling 911 for help with a mentally ill parent. Read more.
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As Mental Health Calls Increase, UCF Police Train to Temper Their Response – The Orlando Sentinel

The University of Central Florida's (UCF) Police have begun training for mental health crisis intervention. Read more.
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Two Faces of Mental Health Policing – WSAU

In this interview, Officer Barb Gerarden and Officer Kami Allen discuss how the Green Bay Police Department has made reforms to address mental health and criminal justice. Read more.