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Did ‘Warrior Gene’ Predispose Man to Violence? Top New Mexico Court to Consider Evidence Issue

The New Mexico Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether a judge improperly barred evidence of a genetic variation linked to impulsive violence in a man’s murder trial. Lawyers for Anthony Blas Yepez contend his genetic predisposition…

Atypical Brain Development Observed in Preschoolers with ADHD Symptoms – The National Institutes of Health

A new NIH study has found that children as young as 4 with ADHD symptoms maybe have atypical brain development. Read more.

‘My Genes Made Me Do It:’ Behavioral Genetic Evidence in Criminal Court – Phys.org

A new study found that genetic evidence utilized in courtrooms is not likely to be effective in persuading judges and juries that a defendant should be held less culpable for his or her criminal actions. Read more.
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The Teenage Brain: Child Mind Institute Issues New Report on Teenage Mental Health – Markets Insider

This week, the Child Mind Institute released its 2017 Children's Mental Health Report, which includes analysis of why adolescent brain development creates a high-risk period of impulsive behaviors and the onset of mental health and substance…