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Are Alcoholics Really at Fault for Their Crimes?

Courtesy of Godoy Medical Forensics   In April, I covered delirium and noted that there are many underlying etiologies that can cause it. One such etiology is Wernicke encephalopathy. What is encephalopathy? Encephalopathy is…
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What Does a Criminal Law Attorney Need to Know About Psychosis?

Courtesy of Godoy Medical Forensics   Psychosis is a condition that distorts attunement with reality. Throughout the years, there have been many criminal cases involving this rather complex illness. Due to its nature as a mental…

Free HIV Testing at Walgreens in June – The Sun Sentinel

One June 27th, Walgreens will be offering free HIV testing for National HIV Testing Day. Read more.

Delay in HIV Treatment Associated with Brain Atrophy – National Institute of Mental Health

Research has shown that people infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, known as HIV, display reductions in brain volume compared with people who are not infected with HIV. Now, a new study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health…