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Association of Parental Incarceration with Psychiatric and Functional Outcomes of Young Adults

This cohort study, using data from a community-representative, longitudinal study, found that parental incarceration was associated with young adults’ increased odds of having an anxiety disorder, having a felony charge, spending time in jail,…

Anxiety: When Benzodiazepines Attack

Courtesy of Godoy Medical Forensics   Did you Know? Anxiety disorders develop from risk factors such as genetics, brain chemistry life events and personality. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States.…

Researchers Discover ‘Anxiety Cells’ in the Brain – NPR

Last month, Neuron published a studying finding "anxiety neurons" in the brains of mice. Read more.
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Father’s Rejection May Increase Child’s Social Anxiety, Loneliness – Medical Xpress

A new study has found that paternal rejection may result in adolescents developing social anxiety and feelings of loneliness. Read more.