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PD9 and GCD Host Capital Defense Conference in Orlando: Telling the Client’s Story

The Georgia Capital Defenders had scheduled a great October CLE program in Savannah captioned “Telling the Client’s Story,” but had complications which prevented them from going forward. We contacted GCD and offered to put on their program…

FREE Event: Changing History: Young Minds in Change – December 4 at 6:00 PM

This event is open to the public however REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. The Mental Health Association of Central Florida is privileged to join with City of Orlando District Six Commissioner Samuel L. Ings to present “Changing History:…

Panel Discusses Mental Illness Stigma Facing Minorities – The Gainesville Sun

The stigma associated with mental illness, especially in the black community, often serves as a barrier to those who need to be treated for mental illness related issues. Eliminating that stigma was the focus of a town hall discussion held…

Changing History: Mental Health Stigma in Black Communities – July 31

Our first Changing History event went so well that we are having another! We want to start the conversation about something that has historically not been talked about in black communities- mental health. It's time we begin to speak out about…
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Police, Race, and the Production of Capital Homicides – Columbia Public Law

Last month, Columbia Law School published a new research paper on racial disparities in capital punishment. Abstract Racial disparities in capital punishment have been well documented for decades. Over 50 studies have shown that Black…
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New Study Gives Broader Look into How Police Killings Affect Black Americans’ Mental Health – PBS NewsHour

Police killings of unarmed black Americans negatively affect the mental health of black adults in the states where the fatal incidents occur, according to a study published Thursday. Read more.

Kofi Siriboe Releases Documentary Short Exploring Black Mental Health – Ebony

WTF Is Mental Health? is a short documentary exploring mental health in the African-American community. Read more.     Photo by Shane Aldendorff from Pexels.
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How I Learned Not to Call 911 – The Village Voice

Joshunda Sanders of The Village Voice discusses how he learned how to avoid calling 911 for help with a mentally ill parent. Read more.