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Registration Open: 2019 Defending Modern Drug Cases Seminar

Once again, drug prosecutions are on the rise. From challenging the arrest and seizure to picking a jury to cross-examining police officers, defense attorneys handling drug cases must be able to construct a defense that will increase the chances of the client getting a positive result.

Prosecutions and trials are increasingly focused on synthetic drugs. Local prosecutions are rising because some states have enacted tougher drug laws. Doctors are accused of overprescribing medications. States are starting to view drug overdose deaths as prosecutable homicides against defendants accused of selling the drugs. Messages posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are involved in most drug crimes. Moreover, the current administration has claimed that it will prosecute all potential crimes arising out of a single event to the greatest potential exposure.

How can the defense challenge the evidence? These modern cases require a practitioner to understand and consider the chemical makeup of the substance labeled a drug, state-specific standards for the delivery of medical services, and how to rebut powerful claims of the visceral effects of addiction at trial.

Effective motion practice, juror selection, and storytelling have never been more important. This seminar will introduce defense counsel to techniques that have been used at recent drug trials to rebut specific claims and overcome the emotion created in today’s climate for increased drug prosecutions.

Join NACDL for three days in Las Vegas to learn innovative strategies and techniques by leading experts and criminal defense practitioners for defending modern drug charges. Have an arsenal of tools at the ready to win your next modern drug case.

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