New documentary ‘Warehoused’ examines how Florida penal system cares for those with mental health needs


MIAMI — “WAREHOUSED: The Life and Death of Tristin Murphy” is an hour-long documentary exploring the treatment of the mentally ill in the Florida criminal justice system.

CBS News Miami’s Jim DeFede spent two years investigating Tristan Murphy’s gruesome death, while he was a prison inmate and his mental health condition not properly treated prior to his taking his own life in prison. Jim’s powerful one-hour documentary is set to premiere this coming Wednesday night at 10 p.m. CBS NEWS MIAMI

The documentary premieres Wednesday on WBFS-TV at 10 p.m. You can also watch the video on demand following the premiere on the page devoted to the news special.

On Sept. 16, 2021, 37-year-old Tristin Murphy, who had been arrested and sent to prison on a littering charge, killed himself with a chainsaw at a state prison just west of Miami.

Murphy had attempted suicide in the past and was diagnosed with schizophrenia, paranoia and delusions.

Prison officials had failed to provide him the required treatment, and his medical records reveal he was off his medication for nearly a week.

Following his death, CBS News Miami launched a two-year investigation into the events that led to that fateful day.

Our investigation revealed how police, prosecutors, judges, jailers, and prison officials moved Tristin through the criminal justice system without ever truly addressing his underlying mental problems.

And we discovered Tristin’s case is not unique as jails and prisons are being overwhelmed with an ever growing mentally ill population.

WAREHOUSED” is also the story of Tristin’s parents who began pushing for answers as to why their son died.

The documentary offers a rare, in-depth look into what happened. CBS Miami obtained medical records, courtroom audio and files, body camera video, investigative files and internal emails that paint a horrifying picture of Tristin’s final years.