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The Intersect Between Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Paraphilias: Ramifications in the Criminal Justice System – Dr. Kim Spence and Dr. Eric Imhof


In this training, Dr. Eric Imhof, Psy.D., and Dr. Kim Spence, Ph.D., go into depth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Paraphilia. Beginning with an overview of ASD, the presenters will elucidate clinical differences in clients with ASD who engage in inappropriate sexual behavior versus clients with ASD and a comorbid paraphilic disorder(s). A particular emphasis will be placed on the diagnosis of Pedophilic Disorder and targeted suggestions will be offered to best educate the courts regarding the diagnosis and misperceptions related to risk and dangerousness. Best practices for assessment including differential diagnosis, risk assessment, identification of client needs, and how best to respond with comprehensive multi-disciplinary treatment planning will be discussed. The importance of a forensic team approach to include psychiatry, neuropsychology, and polygraphy will also be addressed. This training is intended for forensic evaluators, treatment providers, probation and parole, and law enforcement personnel.