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Study: Incarcerated people placed in solitary confinement differ significantly from others in prison population

By Crime and Justice Research Alliance Concern has grown about prison systems’ use of extended solitary confinement as a way to manage violent and disruptive incarcerated people. A new study identified groups that are more likely to be placed in extended solitary management (ESM). The study found that individuals sent to ESM differed considerably from […]

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Schizophrenia and Marijuana: Trigger or Treatment?

By Shawna Seed Schizophrenia, a rare but serious mental illness, impairs the way you think, make decisions, and handle emotions. There’s no single cause of the condition — it’s a complicated disease that involves many factors. Genetics play a part. Viruses or poor nutrition before birth might as well. Issues with key brain chemicals can make you more likely to […]

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One Year In: COVID-19 and Mental Health

By Joshua Gordon, M.D., Ph.D. Director for NIMH It has been just over a year now since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic struck the United States full force. A year of hunkering down and Zooming in, teleworking and telepsychiatry, economic and social upheaval, and steady scientific progress. Looking back to last March, we knew this would […]

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Study: Prisoners with mental illness much more likely to be placed in solitary confinement

Article posted by Crime and Justice Research Alliance Past studies on whether incarcerated people with mental illness are more likely to be placed in solitary confinement have yielded mixed results. A new study examined the issue in one state’s prisons, taking into account factors related to incarcerated men and the facilities where they were imprisoned. […]

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Biden Pledges Assertive Action to Address Opioid Crisis

Article published by Behavioral Healthcare Executive, Tome Valentino, Senior Editor. Acknowledging that addiction is a crisis that “touches families in every community in red states and blue states, across all races and creeds,” President Joe Biden told Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit attendees in an address presented Monday that his administration is committed to facing the […]