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2018 Making the Case for Life Seminar

Registration for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Making the Case for Life Seminar has opened.

Make the case…for your client’s life at NACDL’s 20th Annual Making the Case for Life Seminar.

Race and discrimination continue to play a strong role in capital cases across the country – a stark reality for people of color facing the death penalty in the United States.

As part of being effective advocates for our clients, capital defense teams face the difficult challenge of confronting the issues presented by race from the moment we first meet with the client, begin to investigate the case, select a jury, make closing arguments, and through the penalty phase.

Making the Case for Life is designed to help capital defenders identify and confront issues of racial bias in the courts, the law enforcement community, by prosecutors, and even within the defense team.

Participants will not only leave this program equipped with the tools to confront and attack racial bias in death penalty cases, but they will also hear cutting-edge presentations regarding pretrial investigations, new perspectives on discovering the story of the client and mitigation evidence. Attendees will learn from seasoned capital trial lawyers, nationally-known law professors, and jury consultants, who will offer their personal perspectives, advice, and proven strategies for making the best case for life.