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Registration Open: Social Worker/Sentencing Advocate Conference in Seattle, Washington - September 10-13

These conferences will feature nationally recognized faculty in a mix of plenary sessions, simultaneous sessions and small group breakouts.  Participants will have the opportunity to choose sessions to best fit their individual needs.  There…
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FREE Webinar: Child Interviewing 2019: Update on Research and Practice

Dr. Lyon will discuss the major research advances in 2018/2019 that help interviewers to do a better job when they question children, and whenever possible, provide videotaped examples of the novel procedures. Read more and register.
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Social Workers Lack Tools to Identify Cases of Chronic Neglect -PsychCentral

A new study has found that social workers lack the necessary tools required to properly identify cases of chronic child neglect. Read more.
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A Gun to His Head as a Child. In Prison as an Adult - The New York Times

This Frontline/New York Times collaboration features men and women who faced trauma and adversity as children. Read more.
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Sinister Web - The Shreveport Times

This five-part program by The Shreveport Times investigates how child pornography has changed in the Digital Age. Read more. Chapter 1 centers on how the Internet and other types of digital technology have affected the manufacture and…
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Psychiatrist Recalls 'Heartbreak And Hope' On Bellevue's Prison Ward - NPR

On this episode of Fresh Air, Bellevue Prison psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Ford discusses her experiences treating inmates suffering from mental illness. Read more.
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Does the Death Penalty Target People who are Mentally Ill? - The Washington Post

This week, The Washington Post published Dr. Frank R. Baumgartner and Betsy Neill's analysis on the use of the capital punishment on people with mental illness.  While the majority of Americas oppose the execution of people with mental illness,…
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Officials Ruled Inmate’s ‘Boiling’ Death an Accident: But Documents Show They Omitted Key Details - The Huffington Post

Earlier this month, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, the State Attorney for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, announced that correctional officers would not be criminally charged with the 2012 death  of Darren Rainey, a severely mentally ill inmate…
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The Scariest Part Of Working In A Prison Isn’t The Inmates - The Thought Catalog

A substance abuse counselor for a prison explains how trauma and mental illness influences mass incarceration. Read more.