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From Alaska to Florida, States Respond to Opioid Crisis with Emergency Declarations - NPR

In response to the nationwide opioid crisis, state governments have issued emergency declarations. One result of these declarations has been the creation of databases allowing experts to better address the issue. Read more.

Inside the First Court Designed to Keep Opioid Addicts Alive - VICE News

The Buffalo City Court has established the country's first opioid intervention court, which places eligible defendants into addiction treatment programs and places their drug charges on hold for a minimum of 30 days. Read more.
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Third Annual Crime, Violence, and Mental Illness Conference

Anne Arundel Community College is hosting the Third Annual Crime, Violence, and Mental Illness Conference in Arnold, Maryland. Sessions will include: A Crisis in America: Addressing Mental Illness Prioritizing Resources: Guns, Violence,…
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New Laws Force Drug Users Into Rehab Against Their Will - The Daily Beast

Several states have begun enacting involuntary civil commitment laws for people who with substance abuse issues. Read more.
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Drugs and Alcohol Pervasive in San Bernardino County Police Shootings - KPCC

Over 70 percent of officer-involved shootings in San Bernardino County, California were under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, or illegal substances. Read more.
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Psychiatrist Recalls 'Heartbreak And Hope' On Bellevue's Prison Ward - NPR

On this episode of Fresh Air, Bellevue Prison psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Ford discusses her experiences treating inmates suffering from mental illness. Read more.

How Florida Entraps Pain Patients, Forces Them to Snitch, Then Locks Them Up for Decades - Reason

Two decades ago, Florida enacted strict mandatory minimum sentences for opioid-related crimes. Critics, however, argue that this laws are too harsh. Read more.

Research into Veterans' Substance Misuse - University of Northumbria at Newcastle

The release of new research study at the University of Northumbia in Newcastle has led to some insight about alcohol abuse among veterans of the British military. The study found that a veteran with substance abuse problems took, on average,…